March 12, 2024 - Production Release (Out of Cycle)

  • TGAPI v2
  • API v2


20881 Using BDK ID as Key Alias for P2PE Decrypt Function

  • BDK ID (First 8 characters from KSN) will be used while decryption with P2PE decrypt function.

20567 Arbitrary parameter injection in application/x-www-form-urlencoded TGAPI v2 requests

20722 P2PE Decrypt function adjustment for manual entry scenario

  • TGAPIv2 now allows customer to process manually entered input using P2PE decrypt function.
    The data must be in the format either "YYMM|PAN|cvv" or "YYMM|PAN" before encryption.
    If the cryptographic key algorithm is AES, please make sure the data that needs to be encrypted is in multiples of 16 bytes.

21100 P2PE Decrypt Function Returning wrong Expiry Date

  • Resolved a bug causing an invalid expiry date to be returned when utilizing the P2PEDECRYPT function

21118 Content-Type: URL Form Encoded changes

  • Resolved a bug impacting URL encoded requests

API v2

20852 Build eightTokenfour Token scheme in v1 (Resolve issues with APIv2 integration tests)

  • Added eightTokenfour token scheme support to legacy API v1.