This endpoint accepts a list of card data that will be checked for updated card expiration. You can pass either tokens or PANs in the data field of the request. There is a maximum of 100 cardData objects that can be included per request.

Test Card Numbers


Important Test PAN Numbers

TokenEx test PANs can be leveraged to verify that the call to the Account Updater endpoints and subsequent response codes are successful. Some of the test cards are NOT Luhn compliant and will not pass validation for tokenization. When tokenizing these test cards, please select a token scheme that does not require Luhn validation i.e. sixANTOKENfour. The requests to trigger the specific response codes are outlined in the REQUEST section.

4327390068355738 - Account Number Updated
4680056031099387 - Account Expiration Date Updated
4207670264522669 - Valid Account, No Update
4403933787254356 - Account is Closed
4000220720915104 - Contact Cardholder
4929423647273009 - No Match
4549612182636736 - Non-Participating Account

Response Code and Message Mappings

801 - Account Number Updated
802 - Account Expiration Date Updated
800 - Valid Account, No Update
803 - Account is Closed
804 - Contact Cardholder
805 - Cardholder Opt Out
806 - No Match
807 - Non-participating Account
808 - Error Occurred Updating Account
809 - Rejected

Error Cases

  • 8014 : Cannot update accounts. CardData items cannot exceed 100
  • 8015 : Sequence numbers must be unique for each card
  • 8016 : Connection error occurred within the chain of communication required to obtain account update. Please retry request
  • 8017 : Sequence numbers must be numeric
  • 2100 : Input data not Luhn compatible
  • 3000 : Token does not exist
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