BIN Lookup Guide



BIN lookup is a subscription service. Contact [email protected] or [email protected] to gain access to our BIN lookup product.

What is BIN Lookup?

As a merchant operating in the digital payments ecosystem, there are many challenges to processing payments in an effective way. Digital payments fraud, chargeback fraud, low authentication rates, the consumer experience, compliance with regulations, and high transaction costs are all nuanced challenges that can affect the success of each transaction. A BIN Lookup is a process in which rich metadata about a payment card can be retrieved by querying the PAN against a BIN database.

What is a BIN?

A bank identification number (BIN) is the first 4, 6, or 8 digits of a payment card account number (PAN). The BIN represents a range of account numbers that an issuer can use to issue cards within a given BIN. All cards issued in this BIN share the same attributes.


BINAccount MinimumAccount Maximum

With TokenEx Universal Tokens, our customers do not need to know the BIN or the PAN to query the valuable BIN lookup data. TokenEx will use the full PAN that we collect for tokenization to query the BIN lookup database. Since TokenEx is using the entire account number to perform the BIN lookup, the service works seamlessly for cards with any length of BIN and we return all relevant data without requiring our customers to know the bin length or the PAN. This provides maximum effectiveness while keeping our customer's PCI DSS scope to a minimum.

Data Sources

TokenEx provides over 70 BIN data points (not all data is available for every BIN) that are sourced directly from the following payment card networks. TokenEx currently has about one million BINs in the database.

  • PayPal
  • Discover
  • Prop
  • JCB
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Amex
  • Elo
  • Dankort
  • Diners Club
  • Unionpay
  • EFTPOS Australia
  • RuPay
  • Accel
  • NYCE
  • STAR
  • Korean Local
  • MIR
  • Culiance
  • Bancontact
  • Carte Bancaire
  • Hipercard
  • ATM Card
  • UATP
  • Cirrus
  • Private Label
  • Maestro

Card Products

When available for a BIN range, we provide the product ID and product name in the response. Each Network has a different product ID standard, please see below for details.


Card Product IDCard Product Name
AVisa Traditional
BVisa Traditional Rewards
CVisa Signature
DVisa Signature Preferred
FVisa Classic
GVisa Business
G1Visa Signature Business
G3Visa Business Enhanced
G4Visa Infinite Business
G5Visa Business Rewards
IVisa Infinite
I1Visa Infinite Privilege
J3Visa Prepaid Healthcare
KVisa Corporate
K1Visa Government Corporate T&E
NVisa Platinum
N1Visa Rewards
N2Visa Select
PVisa Gold
QPrivate Label
Q2Private Label Basic
Q3Private Label Enhanced
Q4Private Label Standard
Q5Private Label Specialized
Q6Private Label Premium
SVisa Purchasing
S1Visa Purchasing
S2Visa Government Purchasing
S3Visa Government Purchasing with Fleet
S4Visa Commercial Agriculture
S5Visa Commercial Transport
S6Visa Business Loan
SlVisa Purchasing with Fleet
UVisa TravelMoney
VVisa V Pay
XVisa B2B


Card Product IDCard Product Name
ACSACH for Consumer
BPCBill Pay Commercial
BPDMastercard World Business Debit
CIRCirrus Card
MABWorld Elite Mastercard for Business
MACMastercard Corporate World Elite Card
MaestroBranded Prepaid business programs issued in Europe
MAPMastercard Commercial Payment Account
MAQMastercard Prepaid Commercial Payment Account
MBAMasterCard B2B Product 2
MBBMastercard Prepaid Consumer
MBCMasterCard Prepaid Voucher
MBDDebit MasterCard Professional Card
MBEMasterCard Electronic BusinessCard Card
MBFMasterCard Alimentacao (Food)
MBGMasterCard B2B Product 3
MBHMasterCard B2B Product 4
MBIMasterCard B2B Product 5
MBJMasterCard B2B Product 6
MBKMasterCard Black
MBMMasterCard Refeicao (Meal)
MBPMasterCard Corporate Prepaid
MBSMasterCard B2B Product 1
MBWWorld MasterCard Black Edition
MCBMasterCard BusinessCard Card
MCCMixed Product
MCEMasterCard Electronic
MCFMasterCard Corporate Fleet Card
MCGGold MasterCard
MCMMasterCard Corporate Meeting Card
MCOMasterCard Corporate Card
MCPMastercard Corporate Purchasing Card
MCSMastercard Standard
MCTTitanium MasterCard
MCUMasterCard Unembossed Card
MCWWorld MasterCard Card
MDBDebit MasterCard BusinessCard Card
MDGDebit Gold MasterCard
MDHWorld Debit MasterCard Embossed
MDJDebit MasterCard (enhanced)
MDODebit MasterCard Other Programs
MDPDebit Platinum MasterCard
MDSDebit MasterCard
MDSDebit MasterCard
MDTBusiness Debit MasterCard
MDUDebit MasterCard Unembossed
MDWWorld Elite Debit MasterCard
MEBMasterCard Executive BusinessCard Card
MEOMasterCard Corporate Executive Card
MEPPremium Debit MasterCard
MESMastercard Enterprise Solutions
METTitanium Debit MasterCard
MFRMasterCard Commercial Reward Funding
MGFMasterCard Government Commercial Card
MGPMastercard Prepaid Gold Payroll
MGSPlatinum Mastercard Prepaid General Spend
MHAMasterCard Healthcare Prepaid Non
MHBMasterCard HSA Substantiated
MHHMasterCard HSA Non
MHPHELOC Platinum MasterCard
MHSHELOC Standard MasterCard
MICISIC MasterCard Student Card
MIPISIC MasterCard Prepaid Student Card
MISISIC Debit MasterCard Student Card
MIUDebit MasterCard Unembossed
MLAMasterCard Central Travel Solutions Air
MLBMasterCard Brazil Prepaid Benefits
MLCMasterCard Micro
MLDMasterCard Distribution Card
MLEMasterCard Pedagio Prepaid Card
MLFMasterCard Agro
MLLMasterCard Central Travel Solutions Land
MNFMasterCard Public Sector Commercial Card
MNWWorld MasterCard Card
MOWWorld Maestro
MPAPrepaid MasterCard Payroll Card
MPBMasterCard Preferred BusinessCard Card
MPCMasterCard Professional Card
MPDMastercard Flex Prepaid
MPFPrepaid MasterCard Gift Card
MPGPrepaid MasterCard General Spend Card
MPJPrepaid MC Debit Voucher Meal/Food Card
MPLPlatinum MasterCard
MPMPrepaid MasterCard Consumer Incentive Card
MPNPrepaid MasterCard Insurance Card
MPOPrepaid MasterCard Other Card
MPPMasterCard Prepaid Embossed
MPRPrepaid MasterCard Travel Card
MPVPrepaid MasterCard Government Card
MPWPrepaid MasterCard Workplace B2B Solutions
MPXPrepaid MasterCard Flex Benefit Card
MPYPrepaid MasterCard Employee Incentive Card
MRCPrepaid MasterCard Electronic Card
MRDPlatinum Debit Mastercard Prepaid General Spend
MRFStandard Deferred
MRGPrepaid MasterCard Card
MRHMasterCard Prepaid Platinum Travel Card
MRJPrepaid MasterCard Voucher Meal/Food Card
MRKPrepaid MC Public Sector Commercial Card
MRLMastercard Prepaid Business Preferred
MROMasterCard Rewards Only
MRWPrepaid MasterCard BusinessCard Card
MSBMaestro Small Business
MSIMaestro Card
MTPMasterCard Platinum Prepaid Travel
MUPPlatinum Debit MasterCard Unembossed
MUSPrepaid MasterCard Unembossed
MVAMastercard B2B VIP 1
MVBMastercard B2B VIP 2
MVCMastercard B2B VIP 3
MVDMastercard B2B VIP 4
MVEMastercard B2B VIP 5
MVFMastercard B2B VIP 6
MVGMastercard B2B VIP 7
MVCMastercard B2B VIP 3
MVDMastercard B2B VIP 4
MVEMastercard B2B VIP 5
MVFMastercard B2B VIP 6
MVGMastercard B2B VIP 7
MVHMastercard B2B VIP 8
MVJMastercard B2B VIP 10
MVKMastercard B2B VIP 11
MVLMastercard B2B VIP 12
MVMMastercard B2B VIP 13
MVNMastercard B2B VIP 14
MWBWorld MasterCard for Business
MWEWorld Elite MasterCard Card
MWFMastercard Humanitarian Prepaid
MWOMasterCard Corporate World Card
MWPMastercard World Prepaid
MXGDigital Enablement Program
OLBMaestro Small Business
OLCPrepaid MasterCard Commercial Card
OLRPrepaid MasterCard Consumer Card
PVLPrivate Label
PVTPrivate Label Trade Program
SAPMasterCard Salary Platinum
SASMasterCard Salary Standard
SURPrepaid MasterCard Unembossed
TCBMastercard BusinessCard Card
TCCMasterCard Mixed Product
TCGGold MasterCard
TCOMastercard Corporate Card
TCSMasterCard Standard
TCWWorld Elite Mastercard
TICISIC MasterCard Student Card
TIUMasterCard Unembossed
TNWWorld MasterCard
TPCMasterCard Professional Card
TPLPlatinum MasterCard
TWBWorld MasterCard Black Edition
WBEWorld MasterCard Black Edition
WDRWorld Debit MasterCard Rewards
WMRWorld MasterCard Rewards
WPDWorld Prepaid Debit


Some card brands issue card products referred to as "debit", but with a funding source that's actually credit. This is typical of corporate or professional cards where the credit line can be used despite the card product name indicating it's debit. Examples include Debit Mastercard BusinessCard and Debit Mastercard Professional Card.

Full BIN File Download

BIN Lookup Enterprise tier subscribers have access to a full BIN file download endpoint. This enables customers to store a local copy of the BIN data to perform BIN lookups on-premise. This can be useful to minimize latency and to enable offline use cases for BIN lookup. The file is in csv format and has a .zip extension. The file is updated every Monday at 12:30 AM UTC.

Enterprise customers will need to design search logic to search for a BIN value within a given range. For example, if you want to review details for BIN "464565", you'd generate the 19-digit value for a card number, padded with trailing zeros; you would then search for all the rows where the card number "4645650000000000000" is between the bin_min and the bin_max.

Overlapping BIN Ranges

It's possible for a BIN to appear in two or more overlapping BIN ranges. This typically indicates one of the following:

  • The provided BIN does not contain enough digits. More digits are required to narrow the results (e.g. providing six digits results in two BIN range matches, but providing eight digits results in only one). For this reason, it is recommended to provide as many digits as possible. To do BIN lookups locally without incurring PCI DSS scope for handling card data, you can retain a certain number of digits from the PAN to comply with the PCI's allowable truncation formats. For PANs greater than 15 digits in length, the PCI DSS will allow you to retain the first eight digits and any other four. In these cases, it is advised to provide the first 12 digits for best results. For PANs that have a length of 15 digits or less, PCI DSS only allows you to retain the first 6.


As a PCI level 1 service provider, TokenEx uses the full PAN when performing a BIN lookup. This guarantees best results. This enables organizations to get accurate BIN data without incurring any PCI DSS scope from handling card data internally.

  • The given BIN has multiple card brands associated with it. The primary card brand for the BIN will be one of the main card brands—Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, JCB, or UnionPay; the secondary is typically a pinless debit network (Pulse, NYCE, Star, etc.) or a regional brand (e.g. EFTPOS, Dankort, Carte Bancaire). Below is an example of a card with multiple networks represented as logos on the back.

Access Points


The TokenEx iframe JS library has a BIN Lookup function and an event listener. The function is used to retrieve BIN lookup data for a PAN that has been collected in the iframe, and the event is used to trigger another action off of a BIN lookup.

It is best practice to perform the BIN lookup after input validation of the PAN and before tokenization. However, the trigger for BIN lookup is controlled by the customer's implementation of the function.


Iframe Function

Iframe Event

Token Services API v2

There are two API endpoints within the PCI Token Services section of API v2. The BinFile endpoint can only be accessed by Enterprise tier BIN Lookup subscribers, while any BIN Lookup subscriber can use the BinLookup endpoint.


BIN Lookup API Endpoint

BIN File API Endpoint

Mobile API

The Mobile API has a BIN Lookup endpoint that can be accessed by client-side devices.


Mobile BIN Lookup

BIN Lookup Guides

The following guides go into detail about how to leverage some of the data provided by the TokenEx BIN Lookup service.

Level 2 and Level 3 Indicators

A merchant provides a lot of data in a payment transaction. This transaction data typically includes information about the order, the customer, and the payment instrument. Merchants can obtain lower interchange rates by submitting more data in a payment transaction. The card networks perceive lower risk of fraud when more data is provided and certain conditions are met. In general, more data leads to less risk, and therefore, lower interchange fees. The level of data that a merchant provides is classified into a three level system (level 3 being the most data provided). A merchant may qualify for level 2 or level 3 interchange if a majority of it's transactions are business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-government (B2G).

Level 1 Data

Level 1 data includes total purchase amount, card number, expiration date, merchant category code, and merchant's name. This level of data is associated with typical business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions.

Level 2 Data

Level 2 includes all data from level 1 plus sales tax amount, customer accounting code, merchant's tax ID, any applicable minority or woman owned business status, and sales outlet zip code.

Level 3 Data

Level 3 includes all data from levels 1 and 2 plus quantities, product codes, product descriptions, ship to zip code, freight amount, duty amount, order number, unit of measure, discount indicator, discount amount, net/gross indicator, tax rate applied, tax type applied, debit or credit indicator and alternate tax identifier.