Payment Services Testing

Validating your integration with a TokenEx Gateway

Since Payment Services is an alternative way to interact with a payment gateway's API rather than integrating directly, the test cards and other testing methods made available by the 3rd-Party Gateway is recommended to validate your application's integration to that gateway through Payment Services.

Test Environment

Within the Test environment, all transactions are routed to the applicable payment gateway's sandbox.

To see exactly how the TokenEx request parameters are mapped to each non-SDK third-party gateway API, include the request parameter "showForwardedRequest":true in any request. When true, the gatewayResponse will contain a forwardedRequestobject - detailed below. Raw PANs are the only filtered parameters within the forwardedRequest. This feature is specific to the TokenEx Test environment. Including showForwardedRequest in the TokenEx Production environment will not have an impact on the response.

To determine if the gateway you're integrating with was built on top of an SDK, see the Gateway Parameters page.

parameterForwardsobjectReport on the merge of merchant-specified parameters into the 3rd-Party API request. See Parameter Forwarding.
methodstringHTTP method used for the request.
uristringFully qualified URL where the request was sent.
headersescaped stringWhen parsed to JSON, the headers object is a collection of key-value pairs, where each key (header name) is associated with a list of values (header values).
bodyescaped stringThis parameter's structure is specific to the gateway being tested. Most gateways use JSON, though some are built around XML (e.g., Elavon) or URL-encoded key-value pairs (e.g., BluePay).

Production Environment

Within the Production environment, there is support for routing transactions to a payment gateway's sandbox environment by including the parameter "testMode": true. If testMode is false or omitted, then the transaction is routed to the payment gateway's live environment.