Data Dictionary

BinMinstringThe minimum account number for this BIN's assigned account number range.4429310000000000
BinMaxstringThe maximum account number for this BIN's assigned account number range.4429319999999999
BinLengthnullable intThe length of the BIN (typically 4, 6, or 8).6
CleanBankNamestringNormalized bank name that has been formatted to proper case, removes unnecessary punctuation and misspellings, and spells out uncommon banking acronyms.American Federal Credit Union
ProductNamestringThe name of the card product.Mastercard Prepaid Gold Payroll
CardBrandstringThe primary card network that can process this card.Visa
CountryAlpha2stringTwo letter country code representing the issuing country; Alpha 2 code meets the ISO3166 standards.US
CountryNamestringCountry in which the issuing bank resides.United States
CountryNumericstringNumeric country code representing the issuing country; the numeric country code meets ISO 3166 standards.840
TypestringType of Payment Card.Debit
BankNamestringName of Issuing Bank.Bank of America National Association
BankUrlstringURL of issuing bank website.
BankPhonestringPhone number of issuing bank.180004321000
ProductCodestringThe card product ID according to the card brand.MGP
Prepaidnullable booleanPrepaid card type indicator.True
Regulatednullable booleanIndicator of the presence of an interchange regulation on a BIN.False
RegulatedNamestringThe name of the interchange regulation.GOVERNMENT NON-EXEMPT
Reloadablenullable boolean(Visa-only field) Indicator of reloadable or
non-reloadable prepaid
PanOrTokenstringIndicates if an account number is a network token.False
AccountUpdaternullable boolean(Visa-only field) Visa Account Updater (VAU) enabled. True
Almnullable boolean(Visa-only field) Indicator of a BIN or Account Range participating in Account Level Management.False
DomesticOnlynullable boolean(Visa-only field) Domestic-only BIN can only be used within the country in which the card was issued.False
GamblingBlockednullable boolean(Visa-only field) Indicator that this BIN is not permitted to be used for online gambling.False
Level2nullable boolean(Visa-only field) Indicator of Level 2 interchange rate eligibility.False
Level3nullable boolean(Visa-only field) Indicator of Level 3 interchange rate eligibility.False
IssuerCurrencystringThe currency that was issued to this BIN to transact in.usd
CardSegmentTypestringIndicates if card is a consumer card or commercial card.Consumer
ComboCardstringIndicator for a card that has combined card type and prepaid
CardBrandIsAdditionalnullable booleanSet to false if the BIN range is associated with a primary card network and set to true if associated with a secondary network. Primary networks are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, JCB, or UnionPay. The secondary is typically a pinless debit network or a regional brand (e.g. Star, NYCE, ETPOS, Dankort, Carte Bancaire, etc.) note that secondary network's typically provide less in their BIN data. If multiple networks share a BIN range and all have card_brand_is_additional set to false, the primary network will be Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, JCB, or UnionPay. False
CorrelationIdstringID that maps a BIN range to a specific network file; used for troubleshooting.eyJGaWxlSWQiOjE0NDUsIlZlcnNpb24iOjEwfQ==
SharedBinnullable booleanSet to true if BIN is shared by multiple issuers.False
IssuerSupportsTokenizationbooleanSet to true if the card brand data indicates the issuing bank supports network tokenization.True
BillpayEnabledbooleanBIN has been enabled to make bill payments to service providers electronically, or over the internet.True
EcomEnabledbooleanBIN has been enabled to make ecommerce purchases, or purchases over the internet.True
CostJSON arrayIdentifies associated costs by name and amount, embedded as JSON in the columnSee cost fields below
AuthenticationNamestringName of authentication that is required.EU PSD2 - SCA
AdditionalCardBrandsListList of any secondary card networks which fall into the same range as the primary card network. Are indicated by "CardBrandIsAdditional" : "true"

Cost Fields

CapRegionShortNamestringAn abbreviated region name where the interchange cap applies. Possible values are "Dom" and "Inter" for domestic and international, respectively.Dom
CapAdvaloremAmountnullable decimalThe interchange percentage assessed, shown in decimals for the capped interchange.0.002
CapTypeNamestringThe name of the regulated interchange cap.US Durbin Regulation Debit Visa
CapFixedAmountnullable decimalIf a fixed or regulated interchange amount applies, the amount will be shown here.0.21
CapTypeQualifierCurrencystringThe currency of the qualified fixed_amount for the regulated or capped interchange.usd
CapTypeQualifierTextstringThe description of the interchange cap or regulation.US Durbin Regulation Debit Visa
CapTypeQualifierLowerstringThe minimum merchant processing volume amount limit for the interchange cap.101mm
CapTypeQualifierUpperstringThe maximum merchant processing volume amount limit for the interchange cap.500mm