CVV Function

Insert a security code (i.e. CVV) into the request body.

To utilize the CVV function, a CVV must have been previously associated to a PAN during the tokenization process and the CVV must not have been removed. If the CVV has been purged, this function will fail. In accordance with the PCI DSS, TokenEx will store the CVV for only a short period. After tokenization, the CVV will be available for up to 7 days, or until it is consumed by the CVV function in the Transparent Gateway API. If the tx-cachecvv header is set to true, the CVV will be available for unlimited uses for five minutes starting after the first successful invocation of the CVV function.

Parameter NameValue
TOKENToken in which this CVV is associated

CVV Example

Content-Type: application/json
TX-TokenEx-ID: YourTokenExID

	"card": {
		"type": "MC",
		"number": "{{{545454tEc3Hk5454}}}",
		"expDate": "1126",
		"cardValidationNum": "{{{{FUNCTION:CVV, TOKEN:545454tEc3Hk5454}}}}"