Get Status

This method is used to retrieve the status of a network token. A network token can have one of the following statuses: INACTIVE, ACTIVE, SUSPENDED, and DELETED .

Required API Key Permissions: NetworkTokenizationGeneralAccess

Request Headers: Authentication and Authorization
* denotes a required field

HTTP Request HeaderDescription
tx-tokenex-id*Like a username, this ID logically segments your tokenized data.
tx-apikey*Controls your access to individual function in the API

Request Body Parameters:

tokenThe TokenEx token that represents the PAN and has an associated network token.

Response Body Parameters:

successboolIndicator if the request was successfully processed by TokenEx.
referenceNumberstringTokenEx reference number for the transaction.
errorstringTokenEx Error Code and human readable description.
messagestringHuman readable message about response from TokenEx.
networkResponse.tokenStatestring enumThe current state of the token. It has predefined values which are INACTIVE, ACTIVE, SUSPENDED, and DELETED.
networkResponse.messageIdstringUnique message identifier (GUID format) of this command.
networkResponse.conversationIdstringMessage identifier assigned for the entire conversation (GUID format). Typically, it is generated by the initiator of the flow.
networkResponse.statusCodestringThe four-digit status code.
networkResponse.statusMessagestringHuman readable comments about the status.
POST /v2/NetworkToken/GetStatus HTTP/1.1
tx-apikey: YourAPIKey
tx-tokenex-id: YourTokenExID
Content-Type: application/json

    "token": "476120FDallZ7718"
    "networkResponse": {
        "tokenState": "ACTIVE",
        "messageId": "5b7d8ca7-fa4c-4a93-8bd0-c64c1ebdbeee",
        "conversationId": "a81530fc-0851-4c28-aff1-7dd5c150e84b",
        "statusCode": "0000",
        "statusMessage": null
    "referenceNumber": "21082509302518698472",
    "success": true,
    "error": "",
    "message": "Network Tokenization GetStatus Successful!"