Retries and 3rd-Party APIs

Handling timeouts and network protocol failures when connecting to a third party through TokenEx


Some of our products reach out to third party APIs such as gateways in Payment Services and endpoints specified in the Transparent Gateway API's tx-url header or a Proxy profile. Sometimes connecting to these third parties presents temporary hiccups and the request needs to be retried to process successfully. TokenEx automatically attempts retries for common network protocol failures when connecting to third parties. To specify that a request should not be retried or that a request should be retried when a timeout occurs, utilize the tx-retry header.

Managing Retries

The tx-retry header can be used to specify a retry handling preference.

Tx-Retry Header valueAction
null or header omittedCommon network protocol failures are automatically retried by TokenEx. For example, an SSL connection failing to establish or other issues that occur prior to the transmission of any payload data to the third party. Timeouts are never automatically retried.
falseDo not attempt a retry for any reason.
trueConnection timeouts are retried. See warning below
Values that can't be parsed to true or falseSee null or header omitted.


Retrying 3rd-Party API Timeouts

When sending data, use any available idempotency options provided by the third party to prevent that data from being re-processed and avoid issues like a payment being processed twice.

To increase the amount of time TokenEx waits for a response from a third party's API before timing out, use the tx-http-timeout header with the time to wait specified in seconds. For example, tx-http-timeout:70 to wait up to 70 seconds for a response before a timeout error is returned.

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