AU Response Messages

The following responses may be returned from the Account Updater service.

Response Messages

New CardAdded with no current update available from the card brand
Valid account; no updateCurrently there is no update available
Account Expiration Date UpdatedThe expiration number has been updated
Account Number UpdatedThere is a communicated update to just the account number or both the account number and exp date combined were updated
Account is ClosedIssuer has communicated that this account is no longer available for processing
Contact CardholderThe issuer has identified that this consumer has requested not to have account detail updated. 
Error - Merchant Not RegisteredThis merchant has not yet been successfully approved by the card brand(s).  Cannot offer any updates on the card(s).
No MatchThere is no known update available.  Currently the card brand may not have a matching card on file, potentially because there is no update.
Blocked Merchant or Reported FraudSome negative transgression has occurred and the card will no longer receive any updates for this merchant.
Inactive CardThis card number has not had an authorization over $.01 in the past 24 months and will not be able to receive updates on this card number until it see transaction volume. (Amex Only)
Inactive or Canceled SellerThe merchant/seller is Inactive or Canceled. (Amex Only)
Invalid Expiration DateThe format in which the exp date was sent through is inaccurate.
Invalid Account NumberThe format in which the card number was sent through is inaccurate.
Invalid Card TypeThe merchant was not enrolled with the card brand(s) for which this card is being requested for updates.
Remove SuccessfulThe card number was successfully removed from the portfolio
Invalid or Blank Seller IDThe merchant's cards are being submitted under an inaccurate or invalid seller ID (AMEX Only)
Card Removed PreviouslyThe card being requested to remove had been previously removed
Card Record Not FoundThe card being requested to be removed is not able to be located

Sample Batch Response:
Token Exp. Date (MMYY) Sequence Number* Updated Token Updated Exp. Date (MMYY) Response Message
444455U7VYWE0170,1225,01,,,Card Record Not Found
444455F67P0X0014,1225,02,,,Valid account; no update
444455Z6WTNW0022,1225,03,,1229,Account Expiration Date Updated
4444557JSYTL0030,1225,04,444455G1O5J61038,,Account Number Updated
44445581U27A0048,1225,05,,,Account is Closed