TokenEx Platform Overview



TokenEx's cloud tokenization platform helps you accept, secure, and transact sensitive data.

TokenEx works by gathering sensitive data through either batch or API processes. Once the data is gathered, we accept and secure it, returning a token to you for internal use. When you need to transact with a third party, just send us the token and its destination so we can forward the related data on your behalf.


The TokenEx Platform



Gathering sensitive information (e.g., credit card numbers, SSNs, health information) from customers presents security and compliance challenges. TokenEx has multiple solutions to help customers capture this data.

How is the data collected?TokenEx SolutionDescription
Web formHosted iFrameAllows a company to capture sensitive information on a web form, sending it directly to TokenEx and receiving a non-sensitive token in return. Easily integrates with web applications and web forms, maintaining existing style. This a data element iFrame and not an iFrame for an entire payment form.
Web formBrowser-Based EncryptionAllows a company to encrypt sensitive data upon collection for secure transmission to TokenEx, if they are unable to use the TokenEx iFrame.
Mobile appMobile APIAllows a company to capture sensitive information from within a native mobile application (iOS or Android), sending it directly to TokenEx and receiving a non-sensitive token in return.
FileBatchTokenize large amounts of sensitive data from a structured file before it enters your system. Frequently used for scheduled recurring processes, large-scale data transfers, and data migrations.
Contact centerContact Center APISecurely collect sensitive data via phone and call center technologies (IVR/DTMF/PIN pad systems).
In-person/Point-of-sale (POS) systemPoint to Point Encryption (P2PE)Tokenize sensitive data collected from PIN pads and other point-of-sale devices from brick-and-mortar locations.
Already exists in systemToken Services APITokenize sensitive data so that you can store a non-sensitive replacement internally that is secured and protected against bad actors.
Third-partyTransparent Gateway API (Proxy Tokenization)Tokenize sensitive data from a third party before it ever hits your environment, which reduces scope and increases security.



TokenEx ensures that you can easily access sensitive information that you've tokenized, while reducing your PCI scope. You can opt for either Vaultless or Vaulted token storage.

Vaulted TokensVaultless Tokens
TokenEx stores the relationship between the sensitive data and the token in a client specific database or "token vault."TokenEx doesn't store the relationship between sensitive data and token, but the data can still be detokenized when needed. Eliminates the need to have sensitive data stored in a specific location to meet data compliance regulations.
Helps companies ensure there is a record of their sensitive data stored by TokenEx.Faster processing time for tokenizing/detokenizing large amounts of information at once.
Provides additional flexibility in token schemes.1:1 token mapping and 4 token schemes to address the majority of use cases.



TokenEx has several options to help companies securely transfer sensitive data from TokenEx to other systems that need it.

The most common ways to exchange sensitive data are with the Transparent Gateway API and the Payment Services API. Here are the differences between the two offerings:

Transparent Gateway APIPayment Services API
Works with any API endpoint or payment gateway without handling sensitive data internally.Pre-coded to popular payment gateways.
Minimal code and setup changes.Connect to your desired combination of payment service providers via a single point of integration.
Can also be set up to tokenize sensitive data from inbound requests.Unified API allows for faster speed to market when leveraging multiple PSPs integrated with Payment Services.

If you need help determining whether to use the Transparent Gateway or Payment Services, please contact us.

Additional Payment Offerings


For companies collecting payment information, TokenEx has several products to improve business outcomes.

TokenEx OfferingBenefits
Account Updater Retrieve up-to-date information for your stored credit cards, including changes to credit card numbers, expiration dates, and account closures.

Stop false declines due to expired card information.

Prevent unintended service interruptions to ensure your customers continue to receive the products or subscriptions they expect.
3-D Secure EMVCo 3-D Secure can help authenticate card-not-present transactions with minimal friction and reduce fraud with risk assessments.

Help organizations comply with Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2).

Shift the liability for chargebacks to issuers.
Fraud Prevention Services Integrate with your preferred fraud provider to protect your customers and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Add fraud prevention to your security stack for a layered approach that can increase the profitability of your payment processing.
Network Tokenization Transactions powered by network tokens can qualify for lower interchange fees and are more likely to be approved.

Network tokens are automatically updated when new card information is issued, and they contain additional details such as issuer data and card art.

Do you have additional questions about the TokenEx platform? Feel free to contact us.

What’s Next

Read on to learn more about the common ways that TokenEx is used to collect and exchange payments information.