Card Metadata Update Notification

This is an HTTP message pushed to an endpoint specified by a TokenEx client when the metadata for a card changes. To utilize the card metadata update notification web hook, TokenEx clients will need to enroll within the TokenEx client portal. To enroll, open a support ticket to request this functionality. TokenEx support will need a URL to serve as the card callback URL for this web hook.

Test Receiving URI: [enrolled Card Callback URL]
Prod Receiving URI: [enrolled Card Callback URL]

Request Body Parameters:

tokenstringThe TokenEx token that represents the PAN.
successstringIndicator if the request was successfully processed.
referenceNumberstringTokenEx reference number for the transaction.
errorstringTokenEx Error Code and human readable description.
messagestringHuman readable message about response from TokenEx.
networkTokenCardUpdateNotification.messageIdstringUnique message identifier (GUID format) of this command.
networkTokenCardUpdateNotification.conversationIdstringMessage identifier assigned for the entire conversation (GUID format). Typically, it is generated by the initiator of the flow.
networkTokenCardUpdateNotification.tokenRequestorIdstringTRID associated to the domain to which the token belongs (card brand specific). The format matches with the EMVCo Tokenization specifications.
networkTokenCardUpdateNotification.tokenReferenceIdstringUnique reference identifier for the token generated.
    "token": "476120FDallZ7718",
    "referenceNumber": "21082509302518698472",
    "success": "true",
    "error": "",
    " networkTokenCardUpdateNotification": {
        "messageId": "6fdf4f09-7fbb-48ae-be1e-ac412a2949a7",
        "conversationId": "aa3a5f54-6eb2-4714-aea3-9f525353cbd7",
        "tokenRequestorId": "12345678901",
        "tokenReferenceId": "b2b92b5b-403d-4bd8-a756-6e415b86b291"