Kount - KHASH

Support of Kount fraud services via the TokenEx iFrame.



In order to use this functionality you must have established an account directly with Kount. Find more information here...

Clients with a Kount integration are able to leverage the TokenEx iframe to generate a proprietary one-way irreversible hash of the credit card PAN called a KHASH.

This functionality is only available in the PCI or PCI with CVV mode. Your TokenEx API key must also have the FraudServiceGeneralAccess permission. Please contact support to add this permission.

The following are the minimal required parameters:

tokenSchemeenumTrueUse the JSON value from the Token Schemes section
timestampstringTrueMust be UTC
returnKhashboolTrueTrue: returns the kHash value for a given credit card
False: returns kHash property with empty value