Supported Versions

Gather card range and 3DS version information.

Test URI:
Prod URI:

Required Permissions: ThreeDSecureGeneralAccess

Request Headers: Authentication and Authorization
* denotes a required field

HTTP Request HeaderDescription
tx-tokenex-id*Like a username, this ID logically segments your tokenized data.
tx-apikey*Controls your access to individual function in the API
tx-token-schemeEither the name or the numerical value of the TokenScheme to be used
tx-tokenizeTrue/False. Defaults to False. If False, a TokenEx token can be provided in the "data" parameter. If True, a PAN can be provided, and a TokenEx token will be returned in the response using the token scheme as indicated by the tx-token-scheme header.

Body Parameters:
* denotes a required field

data*stringPlaintext PAN to be tokenized or existing TokenEx token to be detokenized and passed along to gather supported 3DS versions for a PAN.
Plaintext PANs and detokenized values must be Luhn compliant.


  "data": "4242424242424242"
    "token": "a0cea820-23fb-4b8c-87ab-f44f0d513a79",
    "recommended3dsVersion": {
        "MASTERCARD": "2.2.0"
    "threeDSecureResponse": [
            "threeDSMethodURL": "",
            "acsStartProtocolVersion": "2.1.0",
            "acsEndProtocolVersion": "2.2.0",
            "threeDSServerStartVersion": "v1",
            "threeDSServerEndVersion": "v2",
            "directoryServerID": "M000000004",
            "dsStartProtocolVersion": "2.1.0",
            "dsEndProtocolVersion": "2.2.0",
            "dsIdentifier": "MASTERCARD",
            "threeDSServerTransID": "26c5d17b-3240-4a83-a364-f9cb2eb7a2fb"
    "referenceNumber": "021081300184804066092",
    "success": true,
    "error": "",
    "message": "SupportedVersions Successful!"