Get Kount Risk Result


TokenEx Request Headers

HTTP Request HeaderDescription
Tx-TokenEx-IdID from configuration menu in client portal
Tx-ApiKeyAPI key from configuration menu in client portal
Tx-DetokenizeTrue/False. Detokenizes TokenEx token in Data field within request and creates a KHash for PAN

Request Parameters

KountVersion*stringSpecifies version of Kount Risk Inquiry Service. Defaults to 7.10
MerchantId*stringMerchant ID assigned to the merchant by Kount.
TransactionSite*stringWebsite identifier of where order originated.
IpAddress*stringDotted decimal IPv4 address that the merchant sees coming from the customer.
MerchantOrderNumberstringMerchant’s Order Number
SessionIdstringUnique Session ID. Must be unique over a 30-day span.
TransactionRiskAnalysisFlagstringTransaction Risk Analysis (TRA) Flag.

Valid values: Y, N
DatastringThe TokenEx token representing the PAN, or the KHash of the PAN.
LastFour*stringLast 4 numbers of the PAN
Amount*int64Total amount in currency submitted in lowest currency factor. e.g. USD = pennies($1.00 = 100).

TOTL must be a natural number including 0.
AuthorizationStatusstringAuthorization Status returned to merchant from processor.

A: Authorized
D: Declined
Currency*stringISO 4217 currency code (3-character)
AddressVerificationSystemStreetstringAddress Verification System Street verification response returned to merchant from processor.

M: Match
N: No Match
X: Unsupported or Unavailable
AddressVerificationSystemZipCodestringAddress Verification System Zip Code verification response returned to merchant from processor.

M: Match
N: No Match
X: Unsupported or Unavailable
CardVerificationValuestringCard Verification Value response returned to merchant from processor.

M: Match
N: No Match
X: Unsupported or Unavailable
BillingEmailAddress*stringThis is the email address submitted by the customer.

If the customer does not provide an email address, [email protected] must be submitted.
BillingNamestringName submitted with the order
BillingStreetAddress1stringBilling street address - Line 1
BillingStreetAddress2stringBilling street address - Line 2
BillingCitystringBilling address - City
BillingStatestringBilling address - State/Province
BillingPostalCodestringBilling address - Postal Code
BillingCountryCodestringBilling address - Country
BillingPhoneNumberstringBill-to Phone Number
ShippingStreetAddress1stringShipping street address - Line 1
ShippingStreetAddress2stringShipping street address - Line 2
ShippingCitystringShipping address - City
ShippingCountryCodestringShipping address - Country
ShippingEmailAddressstringShipping address - Email address of recipient
ShippingNamestringShipping address - Name of recipient
ShippingPostalCodestringShipping address - Postal Code
ShippingPhoneNumberstringShip-to Phone Number
ShippingStatestringShipping address - State/Province
ShippingTypestringShipping type. The following nomenclature is expected for shipping types to be passed to Kount:

Same Day = SD
Next Day = ND
Second Day = 2D
Standard = ST
CashTotal fenceable value of goods sold.
EpochstringThis is the timestamp associated with the creation of a user ID and is expressed as a number such as 1422377956.

The timestamp value represents the number of seconds elapsed since midnight 01/01/1970.

DateOfBirthstringDoB of the customer
GenderstringM or F
ConsumerAccountNumberstringMerchant assigned account number for consumer
UserAgentstringCustomer User-Agent HTTP header
Products*Product[]An array of Product objects (see table below)
UserDefinedFields<string, string>[]A list of key value pairs of user defined fields. The UDFs must be set up in your Kount account. NOTE: Validation occurs within Kount's system. The TokenEx FraudServices API does not validate these values.

Product type:

TypestringHigh level or generalized description of the item added to the shopping cart.

This value should be free from any markup or Unicode values. This value should be passed as plain text.
DescriptionstringSpecific description of the item being purchased.
Quantityint64Quantity of the item being purchased.
Priceint64The price of one of these items. Must be a natural number including 0.
SkustringSKU for an item.

This value should be free from any markup or Unicode values. This value should be passed as plain text.

Example payload:

  "billingEmailAddress": "<[email protected]>",
  "data": "<tokenex_token>",
  "amount": 10000,
  "currency": "USD",
  "ipAddress": "<end.consumer.IP.Address>",
  "kountVersion": "0720",
  "lastFour": "1111",
  "merchantId": "<kount_merchant_ID>",
  "transactionSite": "DEFAULT",
  "MerchantOrderNumber": "<order_number>",
  "AuthorizationStatus": "A",
  "BillingName": "Billing Name",
  "BillingStreetAddress1": "917 S Lusk St",
  "BillingStreetAddress2": "Suite 300",
  "BillingCity": "Boise",
  "BillingState": "ID",
  "BillingPostalCode": "83706",
  "BillingCountryCode": "US",
  "BillingPhoneNumber": "5555555555",
  "ShippingStreetAddress1": "917 S Lusk St",
  "ShippingStreetAddress2": "Suite 300",
  "ShippingCity": "Boise",
  "ShippingCountryCode": "US",
  "ShippingPostalCode": "83706",
  "ShippingState": "ID",
  "Products": [{
      "Type": "Trinket",
      "Description": "Doodad",
      "Quantity": 10,
      "Price": 10,
      "Sku": "tgj6dneq"
  "UserDefinedFields": {
  	"myUDFLabel": "myUDFValue"

Response Parameters

Outcomestring0 = The outcome could not be determined. See RawResponse.
1 = Unknown outcome
2 = Approved
3 = Declined
4 = Escalate
5 = Review
6 = Pending
RawResponsestringThe raw payload returned from Kount RIS
TransactionIdstringAlphanumeric transaction id generated by Kount.
Autostring(A)pprove, (R)eview, or (D)ecline.
OmniScorefloatIndicator of a transaction’s safety, ranging from 1 (unsafe) to 99.9 (safe)
SessionIdstringThe session ID passed into the request

Example response:

  "success": true,
  "referenceNumber": "11221514057058665",
  "message": "Risk inquiry successful",
  "thirdPartyStatusCode": "200",
  "provider": "Kount",
  "outcome": 2,
  "auto": "A",
  "omniScore": "78.5",
  "transactionId": "76JG032JT7CD",
  "sessionId": "8e277b5f-152f-4b3f-a803-5102378fc7ea",
  "rawResponse": "{"VERS":"0700","MODE":"Q","TRAN":"76JG032JT7CD","MERC":"888889","SESS":"f2d209d0d4cf4c37b0481ff3adcbde00","ORDR":"ORDR-1567540565","AUTO":"A","SCOR":"28","GEOX":"US","BRND":"VISA","REGN":"US_ID","NETW":"N","KAPT":"Y","CARDS":"1","DEVICES":"1","EMAILS":"1","VELO":"0","VMAX":"0","SITE":"DEFAULT","DEVICE_LAYERS":"DF651ACF30..99CF09F417.E3D16F2CB7.061826EF2B","FINGERPRINT":"290D1C0172364AADAC25D9FD0B13D946","TIMEZONE":"360","LOCALTIME":"2019-09-03 13:56","REGION":"US_ID","COUNTRY":"US","PROXY":"N","JAVASCRIPT":"Y","FLASH":"N","COOKIES":"Y","HTTP_COUNTRY":"US","LANGUAGE":"EN","MOBILE_DEVICE":"N","MOBILE_TYPE":null,"MOBILE_FORWARDER":"N","VOICE_DEVICE":"N","PC_REMOTE":"N","RULES_TRIGGERED":0,"COUNTERS_TRIGGERED":0,"REASON_CODE":null,"DDFS":"2019-08-22","DSR":"1050x1680","UAS":"Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_14_6) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/76.0.3809.100 Safari/537.36","BROWSER":"Chrome 76.0.3809.100","OS":"Mac OS X 10.14.6","PIP_IPAD":null,"PIP_LAT":null,"PIP_LON":null,"PIP_COUNTRY":null,"PIP_REGION":null,"PIP_CITY":null,"PIP_ORG":null,"IP_IPAD":"","IP_LAT":"43.6337","IP_LON":"-116.2004","IP_COUNTRY":"US","IP_REGION":"Idaho","IP_CITY":"Boise","IP_ORG":"UNKNOWN","OMNISCORE":54,"3D_SECURE_MERCHANT_RESPONSE":"Challenge","WARNING_COUNT":0}"