Get Card Metadata

This method is used to retrieve metadata for a credit card. This metadata includes card art, issuer information, card metadata and token metadata. This request will fetch the most up-to-date metadata for the card from the issuing bank. This method can be used by passing in a TokenEx token that has an existing network token associated with it.

Required API Key Permissions: NetworkTokenizationGeneralAccess

Request Headers: Authentication and Authorization
* denotes a required field

HTTP Request HeaderDescription
tx-tokenex-id*Like a username, this ID logically segments your tokenized data.
tx-apikey*Controls your access to individual function in the API

Request Body Parameters:

tokenThe TokenEx token that represents the PAN and has an associated network token.

Response Body Parameters:

successboolIndicator if the request was successfully processed by TokenEx.
referenceNumberstringTokenEx reference number for the transaction.
errorstringTokenEx Error Code and human readable description.
messagestringHuman readable message about response from TokenEx.
networkResponse.messageIdstringUnique message identifier (GUID format) of this command.
networkResponse.conversationIdstringMessage identifier assigned for the entire conversation (GUID format). Typically, it is generated by the initiator of the flow.
networkResponse.statusCodestringThe four-digit status code.
networkResponse.statusMessagestringHuman readable comments about the status.
networkResponse.encData.cardData.panReferenceIdstringThe unique reference ID (GUID format) of the real PAN. It is required except when PAN is provided.
networkResponse.encData.cardData.paymentAccountReferencestringGlobally unique reference of a cardholder’s PAN. It is commonly abbreviated as PAR.
networkResponse.encData.cardData.cardSuffixstringThe last four digits of the real PAN.
networkResponse.encData.cardData.panExpDatestringThe expiry date of the real PAN. The format is 'YYMM'.
networkResponse.encData.cardData.cardHolderEmbossedNamestringThe embossed name on the physical card.
networkResponse.encData.cardData.cardCountryCodestringA 2-character country code. The format is based on ISO 3166-1 alpha-2.
networkResponse.encData.cardData.cardNamestringThe name of the card.
networkResponse.encData.cardData.cardTypestringThe type of the card product (e.g., Credit, Debit).
networkResponse.encData.cardData.cardLongDescriptionstring (64 max)Description of card.
networkResponse.encData.cardData.cardShortDescriptionstring (32 max)Description of card.
networkResponse.encData.cardData.coBrandedboolIt indicates if the card is a co-branded card.
networkResponse.encData.cardData.coBrandNamestringThe card co-brand name. It is required if isCoBranded is set to true.
networkResponse.encData.cardData.cardTypeIndicatorstring []These are indicators (Boolean values) associated with the card. The expected values are PRIVATE_LABEL.
networkResponse.encData.cardData.expDataPrintedboolIt indicates if the expiration date is printed on the card or not.
networkResponse.encData.cardData.cvv2PrintedboolIt indicates if the cvv2 is printed on the card or not.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.termsAndConditionsIdstringUnique identifier (GUID format) of the terms and conditions.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.termsAndConditionsUrlstringThe website URL which is used to describe the terms and conditions.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.cardArtUrlstringThe website URL which is used to present card’s art image.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.cardBackgroundColorstringThe background color of the card specified as a CSS style RGB triple (hex format).
networkResponse.cardMetadata.cardForegroundColorstringThe foreground color of the card specified as a CSS style RGB triple (hex format).
networkResponse.cardMetadata.labelColorstringThe color of the label of the card specified as a CSS style RGB triple (hex format).
networkResponse.cardMetadata.longDescriptionstringThe detailed description of the card product to be displayed inside the mobile wallet.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.shortDescriptionstringThe short description of the card product to be used for notification on the mobile device.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.issuerData.issuerNamestringThe name of the card issuer.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.issuerData.issuerAddressstringThe physical address of the issuer main office.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.issuerData.issuerEmailstringThe customer service email address of the issuing bank.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.issuerData.issuerWebsitestringThe customer service website of the issuing bank.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.issuerData.customerServiceTelephonestringThe customer service phone number of the issuing bank.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.issuerData.onlineBankingUrlstringThe online banking website of the issuing bank.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.issuerData.issuerPrivacyUrlstringThe privacy policy website of the issuing bank.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.issuerData.issuerNotificationIconstringThe icon of the issuing bank’s notification.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.issuerData.issuerLogoUrlstringThe website URL of the issuing bank’s logo.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.issuerAppData.issuerAppOSTypestringThe operating system type of the issuing bank’s mobile application.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.issuerAppData.issuerAppNamestringThe name of the issuing bank’s mobile application for display purpose.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.issuerAppData.issuerAppAddressstringThe package name of the issuing bank’s mobile application.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.cardAssets[].guidstringUnique identifier (GUID format) of the asset.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.cardAssets[].mimeTypestring enumThe mime type of the content. Possible values: IMAGE/PNG, IMAGE/JPEG, IMAGE/PDF, IMAGE/SVG+XML, TEXT/HTML, TEXT/PLAIN, APPLICATION/PDF, TEXT/XML
networkResponse.cardMetadata.cardAssets[].pixelHeightintThe height of the image in pixels. Set to zero for non-image MIME-types.
networkResponse.cardMetadata.cardAssets[].pixelWidthintThe width of the image in pixels. Set to zero for non-image MIME-types.
networkResponse.tokenMetadata.tokenSuffixstringThe last four digits of the token value.
networkResponse.tokenMetadata.tokenExpDatestringThe expiry date of the token. The format is 'YYMM'.
POST /v2/NetworkToken/GetCardMetadata HTTP/1.1
tx-apikey: YourAPIKey
tx-tokenex-id: YourTokenExID
Content-Type: application/json

    "Token": "476120FDallZ7718"
    "networkResponse": {
        "encData": {
            "cardData": {
                "panReferenceId": "2f2e15b3571cd5324bff124f8350f502",
                "paymentAccountReference": "V0010013021211750239575607559",
                "cardSuffix": "7718",
                "panExpDate": "2212",
                "cardHolderEmbossedName": null,
                "cardCountryCode": null,
                "cardName": null,
                "cardType": null,
                "cardLongDescription": "long",
                "cardShortDescription": "short",
                "coBranded": false,
                "coBrandName": null,
                "cardTypeIndicator": null,
                "expDataPrinted": true,
                "cvv2Printed": true
        "cardMetadata": {
            "termsAndConditionsId": "87e9ae34-defa-4e0b-9f02-b472199c2231",
            "termsAndConditionsUrl": null,
            "cardArtUrl": null,
            "cardBackgroundColor": "RGB(122,55,84)",
            "cardForegroundColor": "RGB(22,55,94)",
            "labelColor": "RGB(122,255,84)",
            "longDescription": "long",
            "shortDescription": "short",
            "issuerData": {
                "issuerName": "INTL HDQTRS-CENTER OWNED        ",
                "issuerAddress": null,
                "issuerEmail": null,
                "issuerWebsite": "",
                "customerServiceTelephone": "123-456-7899",
                "onlineBankingUrl": null,
                "issuerPrivacyUrl": null,
                "issuerNotificationIcon": null,
                "issuerLogoUrl": null
            "issuerAppData": {
                "issuerAppOSType": null,
                "issuerAppName": null,
                "issuerAppAddress": null
            "cardAssets": [
                    "guid": "ff46730d-0288-4d96-aaf7-e6352a726118",
                    "assetType": "ICON_ISSUER",
                    "mimeType": "IMAGE/PNG",
                    "pixelHeight": 100,
                    "pixelWidth": 100
                    "guid": "bdf425c0-704c-4de0-aa05-94f897c18087",
                    "assetType": "COMBINED_BACKGROUND",
                    "mimeType": "IMAGE/PNG",
                    "pixelHeight": 969,
                    "pixelWidth": 1536
        "tokenMetadata": {
            "tokenSuffix": "1814",
            "tokenExpDate": "2212"
        "messageId": "f2c0a901-4b7e-46fd-a436-d801385b775d",
        "conversationId": "a9d95dcb-2ca0-4b03-bc12-bc78ee8379ca",
        "statusCode": "0000",
        "statusMessage": null
    "referenceNumber": "21082508534912014069",
    "success": true,
    "error": "",
    "message": "Network Tokenization Get Card Metadata Successful!"