BBE Implementation Steps

This page describes the steps required to implement Browser Based Encryption (BBE).

Follow the steps below to implement BBE on a webpage collecting sensitive information.



BBE will encrypt sensitive data on a web page. The resulting ciphertext will be submitted to your webserver rather than the sensitive data element(s). In order to obtain a token from the ciphertext, you must call the TokenizeEncrypted Web API endpoint.

  1. Reference the TokenEx BBE Javascript library in the header of the web page collecting sensitive data, or your preferred encryption library (e.g. JSEncrypt).
<script src=""></script>
  1. Add the TokenEx RSA public encryption key to a hidden field on the form.
<input id="TxEncryptionKey" type="hidden" value="MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAvWpIQFjQQCPpaIlJKpegirp5kLkzLB1AxHmnLk73D3TJbAGqr1QmlsWDBtMPMRpdzzUM7ZwX3kzhIuATV4Pe7RKp3nZlVmcrT0YCQXBrTwqZNh775z58GP2kZs+gVfNqBampJPzSB/hB62KkByhECn6grrRjiAVwJyZVEvs/2vrxaEpO+aE16emtX12RgI5JdzdOiNyZEQteU6zRBRJEocPWVxExaOpVVVJ5+UnW0LcalzA+lRGRTrQJ5JguAPiAOzRPTK/lYFFpCAl/F8wtoAVG1c8zO2NcQ0Pko+fmeidRFxJ/did2btV+9Mkze3mBphwFmvnxa35LF+Cs/XJHDwIDAQAB"
  1. When you're ready to encrypt the sensitive data on the form, call the TokenEx TxEncrypt JavaScript function to encrypt the data using the TokenEx RSA key.
  2. Remove the sensitive data inputs form the form and add the ciphertext.
  3. Post the form to your web server.
  //grab the public key from the hidden field
  var key = document.getElementById('TxEncryptionKey').value;
  //grab the PAN
  var creditCard = document.getElementById("txtCreditCard").value;

  //encrypt the data 
  var cipherText = TxEncrypt(key, creditCard);

  //add the cipherText value to your form
  document.getElementById('ciphertext').value = cipherText;

  //remove the PAN data from your form
  document.getElementById("txtCreditCard").value = "";

  //post your form to your server.
  1. To obtain a token using the ciphertext, call the TokenizeEncrypted Web API endpoint.

A working demo of these steps can be found on