Account Updater FAQ

How do issuers handle lost or stolen accounts and minimize fraud without compromising security?

This is at the discretion of the issuer. Issuers control what account data is sent or not sent to
the Account Updater service.

Actions that may be taken when new card number is issued due to fraudulent activity:

  • Issuers can submit a closed account submission for the account with fraudulent activity and
    not submit the new replacement account number to the Account Updater service.
  • Issuers may then subsequently submit the new account number to the Account Updater service using reason code "New Card."
  • Merchants submitting an AU query on the original account number will receive an AU message of
    “Contact Cardholder.”
  • When the merchant contacts the customer and obtains the new account number, the merchant should then use that account number going forward.

How often do card details change?

On average, 30% percent of card accounts incur a change to the account number, expiration date, or are closed every year.

How long does the Account Updater service retain data provided by issuers?

AU record retention is a maximum of two years.