Challenge Abandonment


This method closes the authentication process for challenges that are abandoned by the merchant. Possible reasons for abandoning the challenge would be to reduce checkout friction in the event that the merchant believes the transaction is low risk or if there is no regulatory obligation for the merchant to perform the challenge. It is expected that if the merchant decides to abandon a challenge request, the AbandonedChallenges method should be called to provide insight as to why the challenge was abandoned. While this is technically optional, not informing the system of the challenge abandonment could have a negative impact on the probability of approval from the issuer for a subsequent transaction.

Test URI:
Prod URI:

Required Permissions: ThreeDSecureGeneralAccess

Request Headers: Authentication and Authorization

Body Parameters:
* Denotes a required field

serverTransactionId*stringThe threeDSServerTransID returned in the Authentications or Supported Versions response
abandonReasonCodeenumValid values are:
1 - LowRisk
2 - MarketAdoption

  • LowRisk - can be used when the merchant feels the value of the transaction is too low for a challenge

  • MarketAdoption - can be used when market regulations do not require Strong Customer Authentication

Request and Response Examples



    "threeDSecureResponse": "",
    "thirdPartyStatusCode": "200",
    "referenceNumber": "021072917364705812422",
    "success": true,
    "error": "",
    "message": "AbandonedChallenges Successful!"