3DS Test Cases

Once you have been provisioned for 3DS in the TokenEx Test environment, the following scenarios can be used to verify your implementation prior to being provisioned for 3DS in the TokenEx Production environment.


Each test scenario is tightly coupled to a test card number. The card number for each scenario must be used to achieve the specified outcome. The scenario is met when the specified card number returns the specified transStatus.

Device fingerprinting via the iFrame is optional.



Co-Branded test credit card numbers are not Luhn compliant. When testing these scenarios, please choose a TokenEx token scheme that does not perform a Luhn check.

In order to tokenize a non-Luhn compliant card number using the TokenEx iFrame, add the following parameter to the configuration object when testing with the PCI or PCI w/CVV modes of the iFrame:

enforceLuhnComplianceBooleanTrue or False. If omitted, defaults to true. Set to False to bypass luhn checks in PCI or PCI w/ CVV modes.


Your 3DS implementation in the TokenEx Test environment can be verified by requesting that TokenEx Technical Support enable debug logging on the applicable TokenEx ID(s). Once the additional logging is enabled by Technical Support, complete a full run of applicable 3DS test cases and document the corresponding reference numbers for each test scenario response. Provide the reference numbers to Technical Support for verification.

Testing Functionality in Production*

*Available in TokenEx Production environment for Mastercard branded cards only.

Adding a header, ProductionValidation:true, to the ThreeDSecure/Authentications request will segregate testing traffic from live traffic and allow confirmation of functionality.

  • Production Validation requires coordination with our 3DS provider and an ACS / Card issuer willing to accommodate the testing scope.
  • Card numbers for this testing will come from the issuer being coordinated with and are limited to Mastercard branded cards.
  • Testing in production is billable.
ProductionValidationBooleanAllows testing of functionality in Production environment with Mastercard branded cards