Tokenize CVV

This endpoint allows you to associate a CVV value with a previously-generated token.


API Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
TokenExIDstringThe merchant's TokenEx ID.
TimestampstringThe timestamp (UTC) when the hash is generated, in yyyyMMddHHmmss format.
AuthenticationKeystringThe Authentication Key generated on the merchant's server.
TokenstringThe token for the previously-tokenized data with which you wish to associate a CVV.
CVVstringThe CVV to be associated with the provided Token.


  "tokenexid": "YourTokenExID",
  "timestamp": "20180109161437",
  "authenticationKey": "3mHJFag1ICQiwRdSw1QY86WUvt3IDklswf6AA/q+wdU=",
  "Token": "545454587415454",
  "cvv": "123"


    "Error": null,
    "Success": true,
    "ReferenceNumber": "18010916143712345678",
    "Token": "545454587415454",
    "TokenHMAC": "QiuCu0FZuu0SUn2gMtRYQSHjkd30LgSf4QMM3yH1Dp0="