Get Payment Bundle

This method is used to retrieve a cryptogram for an existing TokenEx token that has a network token associated with it. The cryptogram will be required by your payment gateway or processor to process customer-initiated transactions (CIT) using a network token. A cryptogram is not typically required for subsequent subscription/recurring merchant-initiated transactions (MIT).

Required API Key Permissions: NetworkTokenizationGeneralAccess

Request Headers: Authentication and Authorization
* denotes a required field

HTTP Request HeaderDescription
tx-tokenex-id*Like a username, this ID logically segments your tokenized data.
tx-apikey*Controls your access to individual function in the API

Request Body Parameters:
A denotes an applicable field, A* denotes required under certain conditions, N/A is not applcable, and * denotes a required field under all conditions

bundleMetaDataThe type of bundle to be generated. Possible values: Cryptogram, Token, TokenCryptogram. Defaults to "Cryptogram".AAA
amountThe transaction amount. Up to 10 digits in ‘xxx.xx’ format.N/AN/A*
unpredictableNumberA value to provide variability and uniqueness to the generation of a cryptogram (8-byte hex encoded string). *Required if the GenerateUnpredictableNumber flag is not set during on-boarding of MDES.N/AA*N/A
applicationTransactionCounter*Only required for INAPP PresentationMode type (see Network Tokenize method).A*N/AN/A
cryptogramValueValue of the CAVV cryptogram. *Required for CTAVV type cryptogram. N/A for TAVV and DTVV types.A*N/AN/A
merchantIdMerchant identifier assigned by the acquirer. *Required if available.A*N/AA*
ECIEC indicator for liability shift. *Required when CTAVV type is cryptogram AND BundleMetaData is Cryptogram.A*N/AN/A
tokenAn existing TokenEx token that represents a PAN.***
transactionInitiationTypePossible values: CONSUMER, MERCHANT.AN/AN/A
transactionTypePossible values: ECOM, RECURRING, POS, AFT.*N/AN/A

Response Body Parameters:

tokenstringThe token generated by TokenEx that references the sensitive data.
successboolIndicator if the request was successfully processed by TokenEx.
referenceNumberstringTokenEx reference number for the transaction.
errorstringTokenEx Error Code and human readable description.
messagestringHuman readable message about response from TokenEx.
networkResponse.tokenRequestorIdstringTRID associated to the domain to which the token belongs (card brand specific). The format matches with the EMVCo Tokenization specifications.
networkResponse.tokenReferenceIdstringUnique reference identifier for the token generated.
networkResponse.encDatastringBase64 encoded and encrypted sensitive data.
networkResponse.messageIdstringUnique message identifier (GUID format) of this command.
networkResponse.conversationIdstringMessage identifier assigned for the entire conversation (GUID format). Typically, it is generated by the initiator of the flow.
networkResponse.statusCodestringThe four-digit status code.
networkResponse.statusMessagestringHuman readable comments about the status.
networkResponse.decodedEncData.paymentBundle.bundleMetaDatastring enumIt indicates the type of the bundle returned. The valid values depend on the product use cases. Possible values are ECOM_TOKEN, ECOM_CRYPTOGRAM and ECOM_PAN.
networkResponse.decodedEncData.paymentBundle.bundleElements[].typestring enumIt indicates the type of the bundle element. It has pre-defined values. Possible values are TOKEN, TOKEN_EXP (the format is 'YYMM'), ECOM_CRYPTOGRAM, ECI, PSN, TRACK2, PAN, PAN_EXP.
networkResponse.decodedEncData.paymentBundle.bundleElements[].valuestring or objectIt contains the value of the bundle element.
networkResponse.decodedEncData.cardData.panReferenceIdstringThe unique reference ID (GUID format) of the real PAN. It is required except when PAN is provided.
networkResponse.decodedEncData.cardData.paymentAccountReferencestringGlobally unique reference of a cardholder’s PAN. It is commonly abbreviated as PAR.
networkResponse.decodedEncData.cardData.cardSuffixstringThe last four digits of the real PAN.
networkResponse.decodedEncData.cardData.panExpDatestringThe expiry date of the real PAN. The format is 'YYMM'.
networkResponse.decodedEncData.cardData.cardHolderEmbossedNamestringThe embossed name on the physical card.
networkResponse.decodedEncData.cardData.cardCountryCodestringA 2-character country code. The format is based on ISO 3166-1 alpha-2.
networkResponse.decodedEncData.cardData.cardNamestringThe name of the card.
networkResponse.decodedEncData.cardData.cardTypestringThe type of the card product (e.g., Credit, Debit).
networkResponse.decodedEncData.cardData.cardLongDescriptionstring (64 max)Description of card.
networkResponse.decodedEncData.cardData.cardShortDescriptionstring (32 max)Description of card.
networkResponse.decodedEncData.cardData.coBrandedboolIt indicates if the card is a co-branded card.
networkResponse.decodedEncData.cardData.coBrandNamestringThe card co-brand name. It is required if isCoBranded is set to true.
networkResponse.decodedEncData.cardData.cardTypeIndicatorstring []These are indicators (Boolean values) associated with the card. The expected values are PRIVATE_LABEL.
networkResponse.decodedEncData.cardData.expDataPrintedboolIt indicates if the expiration date is printed on the card or not.
networkResponse.decodedEncData.cardData.cvv2PrintedboolIt indicates if the cvv2 is printed on the card or not.
POST /v2/NetworkToken/GetPaymentBundle HTTP/1.1
tx-apikey: YourAPIKey
tx-tokenex-id: YourTokenExId
Content-Type: application/json

    "token": "476120FDallZ7718", // Required
    "transactionType": "ECOM" // Required for Visa [ECOM, RECURRING, POS, AFT]
    "token": "476120FDallZ7718",
    "networkResponse": {
        "tokenRequestorId": "12345678901",
        "tokenReferenceId": "749f4d0d-4005-443e-9a66-0ea2d317b8f6",
        "encData": "eyJraWQiOiJURVhcLzAxIiwiZW5jIjoiQTEyOENCQy1IUzI1NiIsImFsZyI6IlJTQTFfNSJ9.Nghq0VUoMqS1S53K30J6cmdjbP59XQMy_csilNMe_SQGhrL5H4ojR6U3z3dSAQRFYc9jT3hwtN5qkADBuqSMpgkOCFO4WfV8-2MzKyn8kdupT2C8wzPVAHxJdfzDTXfPn2MU4JCCYy9tFUSI4-8JHL6R--jlKvcbfoSYg1XS23ZhY-z7VmuxH5-ectCGc56wBRW_gYgbRZ26pYWtPkYLX8AMl86WhZIk5ZXnxldidwVZlim1WnDcmfEENHpiKUhRyuFtKkEZO7tiQcTHJuFgVS_jo0SkdQIVEdp-CIB9D7jWteZLDWBe8kI_WNqR5KSW_hO54mpZ8Gvmqeae6-HZ6w.58JQ_C00MrQVSWrqd8xcGA.FaDcRHedDXLKszPp31zA3O3_9JCvrEuYNsM4BcWDbE_UnqvrhHFOoStNaSA9Ht066fXzrmPfGRfdSuv6Au5oa_gJrlgy0K3NITSpg9EOBEPJWx0KcPRymIcd5nT_5Gt47rYcLjZDqW0UjiOdU793VOXnqisFSWsBXL_eHhpx_8YW__Zw-w-SCdq4Ux9f0iyM5DFvsHHqFlTYIOkHI6YvNX2dgBsww6a7zmJqWjR4g_Z5Z8Ac8mwVRgoyPjiSpCgAKbywpBgu4lB8Fe18oTVARY2wX8hT1ZMR94qa4XHpSDmejNbNd10yLRZYM-5WMUtx1vr_7kGiSA8ecP_JwRDrRhXLyjlmxh_D-HK3PdfeHEIS5NIr1I3HqW0NERXN7Jch.msSkliU8bbBaohAtAkEzjA",
        "decodedEncData": {
            "paymentBundle": {
                "bundleMetadata": "ECOM_CRYPTOGRAM",
                "bundleElements": [
                        "type": "TOKEN",
                        "value": "4761209400161814"
                        "type": "TOKEN_EXP",
                        "value": "2212"
                        "type": "ECOM_CRYPTOGRAM",
                        "value": "AgAAAAAAD5olyYoZAqIKQOwAAAA="
                        "type": "ECI",
                        "value": "07"
            "cardData": {
                "panReferenceId": null,
                "paymentAccountReference": null,
                "cardSuffix": null,
                "panExpDate": null,
                "cardHolderEmbossedName": null,
                "cardCountryCode": null,
                "cardName": null,
                "cardType": null,
                "cardLongDescription": null,
                "cardShortDescription": null,
                "coBranded": false,
                "coBrandName": null,
                "cardTypeIndicator": null,
                "expDataPrinted": false,
                "cvv2Printed": false
        "paymentBundle": null,
        "messageId": "3ffb2966-dc98-43da-80ab-f27874cf2208",
        "conversationId": "f3c9430e-4e5f-4c8a-9526-ec8973470eea",
        "statusCode": "0000",
        "statusMessage": null
    "referenceNumber": "",
    "success": true,
    "error": "",
    "message": ""